Pain or bleeding after an extraction.

Continue to take regular painkillers for several days after extraction, it is normal for the pain to be at its worse at day 3-4.

Some pink spit/oozing is normal after an extraction, but if the socket is bleeding freely, bite hard on gauze or a clean hankie for 20 minutes. If bleeding has not stopped, call your dentist.

We cannot provide antibiotics for pain after extractions unless there is evidence infection is present. 

If you smoke or rinse too soon after an extraction, you risk a dry socket. This can be very painful and regular painkillers are unlikely to be effective. You should call your dentist for advice. Antibiotics will not solve this as a dressing is needed to cover the exposed bone.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding from gums is NOT a dental emergency. Bleeding gums are usually due to gum disease, and will not stop until brushing improves. Brush 2x a day with fluoride toothpaste for 2 minutes, concentrating especially on the areas that are bleeding. Use floss or te-pe brushes to clean between your teeth every day.