Although painful, most ulcers will heal within 7-10 days. Non healing ulcers/oral lesions present for more than 3 weeks should be assessed by a Dentist or Doctor.

  • Warm salty mouthwash

  • Excellent cleaning– even if it is painful to brush, the mouth must be kept clean to encourage healing and prevent more ulcers forming. Be gentle and use a soft/baby toothbrush.

  • Difflam (Benzydamine) spray or mouthwash as needed.

  • Soft Diet- soft food will reduce trauma from biting

  • Painkillers – ibuprofen or paracetamol following packet instructions.

  • Rubbing Dentures – Denture adhesives like Fixodent may help secure a loose denture. Any sharp edges can be removed using an emery board. Remove the dentures when possible if causing trauma.

  • Corsodyl Mouthwash – avoid use for over 1 week as this may cause staining.